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Swim with dolphins - Oasis Sea World Rules

Rules for admission to swim with dolphins

There are some basic rules at Oasis sea world, for your own safety and that of the dolphins.

Please have a look before you confirm your booking with us. If you have any kind of minor condition or disability then please let us know before you confirm your booking.

If you are unsure then please contact us.

If you have already booked a place, and now feel that you may not be able to partake in the swimming then please let us know as soon as possible.

Refunds will not be given on the day if a person fails to meet the requirements of Oasis Sea World.

Swim with dolphins - safety rules

-Wear Swimming suit or shorts with T-shirt without sharp or metal attachments such as Zips.

-Do not bring any belongings into the water.

-Long finger nails, real or synthetic are not permitted - a nail trimming service is provided free of charge.

-Guests are asked to shower before entering the water, ensuring that they are not wearing sun block cream or skin lotion.

-Guests will be provided with a life jacket which must be worn before entering the water.

-It is prohibited to enter the water if you have a medical condition or illness such as...

-> Skin condition - Any kind of dermititis of the skin.

-> Heart conditions - People with any history of heart problems.

-> Conjunctivitis or cold like symptoms.

-> Indigestion or stomach cramps.

-> Any kind of Contagious disease or virus.

-> Any kind of wound or injury

-Pregnant women are not permitted to enter the water.

-People with a minor or major disability please contact us describing your condition.

-Disabled persons are usually not usually permitted to enter the water.

-Persons under the influence of alcohol and or narcotics are not permitted to enter the water.

-People who are seen to be smoking before getting in to the water may not be permitted.

-Safety rules while in the water

->Please do not make loud noises that might upset the dolphins

->Please get in and out of the water carefully and no not jump or dive in.

->Please do not try to touch head or blow hole of the dolphins.

->Please follow the instructions of the trainers at all times.